Army M34 Enlisted Field Cap (Feldmütze)

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Price: $45 (Insignia in photo included), add $10 (Soutache)

Shipping in Continental US: $8

Standard field cap issued to non-specialist enlisted men from 1934 until the end of the war. It's a fold-up cap very similar to the American "overseas" cap. Lining is tan or brown cotton twill on early specimens, giving way to rayon "silk" on later samples. Caps manufactured prior to mid-1942 have a chevron of rayon soutache in the soldier's branch color (waffenfarbe) on the front (see photo at right). This was eliminated on caps made from mid-1942 until the end of the war.

This cap was supposed to be superseded by first the M42, then the M43 caps, but originals exist with 1944 date stamps. Presumably, it continued to be made up to the end of the war for use by non-combat arms personnel.