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Lost Batalions Resource Page for WWI and WWII Uniform information
Lost Battalions' Resource Page
This resource page gives useful information about WW2 German uniforms. Please click on the poster above.

Lost Battalions Measuring and Sizing Chart
(Please read this page before ordering any clothing. Both from LB and Schuster)
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Lost Battalions’ Gallery Page

These are items that customers have ordered from us. All clothing items are made here from our in stock items. Some garments have been modified and some specialized insignia was provided to us by the customer. This gallery will continually grow, so keep coming back!

Right: Armored Crew NCO of the Schutzpolizei Armored Company - Seen here is our SS Panzer jacket with insignia provided to us for an NCO in the armored company of the Schutzpolizei. (note that the jacket is 2 sizes over the bust's true size.)

Left: 5th SS Division "Wiking" Oberscharführer - Seen here is our SS Panzer jacket with our insignia (Shoulder straps should be pink piped for armored personel).

Left: Police General - Seen here is our officer's jacket with insignia provided by the customer, our breeches with police lampassen applied, our riding boots, police general's cap (shipped to us by the customer) and police general's belt buckle (shipped to us by the customer).

Right: SD Sturmscharführer - Seen here is our SS M37 jacket with insignia provided by the customer including original SD boards converted into an SD blouse. The french cuffs were an added feature to the jacket.

(updated March 6, 2018)
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Lost Battalions' M.43 Tunic details
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Proper fit for a WW2 German fieldblouseClick on the image above to read our article about proper German Field Blouse length.
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