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Proudly Made in the USA!

German Army M.1907/10 "Waffenrock"

This item is proudly made in the United States

The pre and early war jacket that the Kaiser's Army started the war in (and in some cases, was worn throughout the war by some).

Made in our special heathered "1910" feldgrau cloth, fastening with a single row of eight buttons whose type of metal and design varied according to the regiment. Pre- and early war, the buttons were issued in a laquered finish, either gold or silvered, not in polished brass as supposed. Some Lander had their own pattern, such as the most-common Prussian Crown or the Bavarian lion pattern.

Most infantry regiments had the turned-down collar, the front edge, and the simulated three-button pocket flaps in the tails were piped red.

Even the cuff flaps varied in design according to unit, but often, as here, were of the "Brandenburg" shape, and ornamented with three buttons.

The feldgrau Achselklappen (shoulder straps) were detachable and piped in a color that identified the army corps to which the regiment belonged, also bore a red number or monogram identifying the regiment.


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