Officer's Field Blouse Conversion

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While most German officers wore their full-blown officer cut field blouse in combat, many chose a modified enlisted issue field blouse. Many photos can be seen of officers in the Army and Waffen-SS using standard M36 blouses with insignia, French cuffs and stand and fall collars applied to the issue blouse.

The photo at right shows such an enlisted blouse that a customer had us convert to represent a front line officer's combat conversion. In this case, it's for a major (Sturmbannführer) commanding a grenadier battalion of the 1st SS Panzer Division. The conversion process is the same as that performed during WW2: we start with an M36 field blouse add French cuffs and an officer's collar.ic

Base conversion includes M36 or M40 blouse, french cuffs, officer's stand and fall collar.

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Price $450

Shipping in Continental US: $12

Dagger strap (armpit to pocket flap slit):$35

Collar tabs

2nd Lt to Lt.Col: $30-40
Standartenführer to Oberstgruppenpführer: $40

Shoulder boards (button on)

2nd Lt to Captain: $35-$43
Major to Colonel: $42-$50
Generals: $50-$62

Special screw back buttons: $15 a pair

Shoulder boards (sewn-in)

2nd Lt to Captain: $65-$73
Major to Colonel: $70-$78
Generals: $80-$92

Sleeve eagle (bullion silver wire):$18

Cuff title (bullion silver wire):$30

LAH, Deutschland, Germania, Wiking, Polizei, Thuringen, Das Reich, Der Führer, and others.