SS M36 (38) Field Blouse (Feldbluse)

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This field gray jacket is completely identical to the Army's M36 field blouse, but has SS insignia. In 1938, Sepp Dietrich ordered a shipment of these uniforms for the LAH Regiment from SS contractors who were also suppliers to the German Army. Both the Army and Himmler were irate when elements of the LAH turned out wearing these jackets, but Dietrich had Hitler's backing so they kept them. It's unknown today which units received the Army style blouses, but use seems to have been limited to certain occasions since the SS M37 continued to be issued. When the LAH was expanded to divisional strength, personnel received both SS M39 and Army-style blouses. When units of the dreaded Totenkopfverbände were amalgamated and expanded into the Totenkopf Division, many of the newcomers also received the Army-style blouses although the bulk of the division wore the SS M37.

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

This field blouse base price ($395) includes sleeve eagle and direct sewn collar tabs.

Alternatively, order the complete M36 package which includes sleeve eagle, direct sewn collar tabs, internal load suspension, and collar liner for $445.

Shoulder straps are $15 with purchase of jacket.

Shipping in Continental US: $15