M36 Tunic

SS Assault-gun Jacket (Panzerjacke)

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Price: $395 (Includes sleeve eagle and collar tabs), add $10 (Totenkopf Collar tabs)

Shipping in Continental US: $15

Please read here about the proper fit of the jacket.

This jacket is identical to the SS Panzer jacket with the exception that it is in field-gray.

Lost Battalions always planned to make these, but we could not obtain multiple original garments at one time due to the extreme expense involved. We also have not been able obtain the Lehrbuch, if one exists, for these jackets. Fortunately, over the last few years, we were able to conduct detailed examinations of several original SS Panzer jackets made available to us for inspection. The result is the only correctly patterned and built SS panzer jacket made since the war ended.

This is the jacket that replaced the previously used army style Panzer/ski jacket in SS armored crews. The pattern is almost identical to that of a leather jacket that was popular with NSKK motorcyclists prior to the war. The main differences between the army and SS Panzer jackets are a straight cut closure in front, a closer fit in the chest, rounded collar and lapel corners, one piece back without central seam, a much shorter body, inside closure tabs instead of loops.

These are great looking jackets and you'll look great wearing one. The level of authentic detail and the quality of construction is way beyond anything else on the reproduction market.