M36 Tunic

SS M40 Officer's Field Cap (Feldmütze)
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Price: $55 (Insignia in photo included), add $10 (Soutache)

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This field cap was adopted to replace the old M34 style Verfügungstruppe field cap in late 1940. On first glance, it is similar to the Fliegermütze of the Luftwaffe, but on closer examination, a major difference emerges. The lower edge of the Luftwaffe cap is straight, but the SS cap has a pronounced downward curve toward the rear. This produces a "tail" effect on the back of the head (see photos below and at lower right).

Beware of reproduction Waffen-SS caps that have straight lower edges, these are made by copying the Luftwaffe cap and are not the true SS pattern.

The photo to the left is of Waffen-SS combat troops. It clearly shows the point or "tail" in the back of the cap. The two men at left are wearing caps about two sizes over their correct cap size. A very common practice. Photo is from Uniforms of the SS by Andrew Mollo.
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