M42 Trousers (Keilhosen)
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These trousers replaced the M36 and M40 straight-leg trousers and were often referred to as "Keilhosen" (literally stretch-pants) because the design was copied from civilian ski trousers, which were often made of stretch material. They were often called mountain-style trousers for the same reason. They were as widely used as the M36 and M40 service trousers after 1942, and were the first trousers meant to be adaptable to shirt-sleeve uniform for hot weather operations.

Originally designed in 1941 to be worn with the new ankle boot, these have four button-down belt loops to take a cartridge belt and also have provisions for trouser suspenders. The ankles are tapered and feature an adjustable stirrup to hold the trouser legs inside the gaiters or marching boots. The seat is reinforced with an additional layer of wool.

Other differences with the earlier M36 trousers include a flapped watch pocket and sizing tabs and even the candy blue "anodized" buckles at the sides of the waist.

Left: This shows the details on a pair of M42 trousers. These were photographed before the application of buttons so you can see they're not just photos of a mint original pair. Note the precision of the reproduction. These even include the underwear support loops in the waist band. Absolutely the best M42 reproduction trousers available anywhere.