M40 Field-gray Trousers (Feldgrau Langhosen)
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The "M40" service trousers were made to the same pattern as the "M36" trousers, but in field gray wool. The M36 trousers had been made in "stone gray" wool, but the National Socialist government ordered an end to the production of stone gray wool to simplify the wartime production supply line. The Army adopted this enforced change in early 1940 and the first M40 field gray trousers began to appear around the time of the campaign in Russia. However, the Army had well over 15,000,000 pair of stone gray trousers already issued to the troops, plus millions more in stock and millions of yards in stockpiled stone gray wool. This ensured that stone gray remained the predominant color of Heer trousers until mid-war. Thereafter, field gray trousers such as the M40 trousers, M42 "Keilhosen", and the M43 "Rundbundhosen" began to predominate, although some troops were still wearing stone gray at the end in 1945.

Our Lost Battalions reproductions are exact copies of the original. and feature full-cut straight legs, two slash pockets in front, a watch pocket, single rear pocket, traditional high waist and V-notched back with rear waist adjustment belt.

The photo at left shows the M40 style trousers in field gray. Roll your mouse over the photo for the back view. We also offer the M36 stone-gray trousers in stone gray.