M36 Tunic

Army Officer's Field Blouse (Feldbluse)

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Price: $550 (Jacket only, no insignia. Look below for insignia options.)

Shipping in Continental US: $15

Please read here about the proper fit of the jacket.

The key elements of the Army officer's field blouse: deep french cuffs; dark green pointed, double hooked, stand and fall collar; and pleated pockets with deeply scalloped flaps; were carried through from 1936 through the end of the war (excepting the officers versions of the M44 blouse). However, material quality suffered from the same declines as all German uniforms. As on the uniforms of enlisted men, degradation of material quality around c1941, made the adoption of the six button front, as at right, necessary.

The Lost Battalions reproduction, shown at right, is an exact copy of the style most widely used by combat officers. The full lining, including lined sleeves, is rayon artificial silk in a satin weave. Under the lining, hair canvas provides a stiff shape to the body, and lightly padded shoulders add to the soldierly bearing required in the military of the Third Reich. The dagger/sword hanger slit is cut into the jacket under the lower left pocket flap. Since this is an officer's blouse there are no provisions for belt hooks. The stand-and-fall collar is double-hooked and sharply pointed, and the skirt is slightly shorter than the cuffs; important features for style conscious German officers. Five (standard) or six (optional) buttons may be used for the front.

We receive inquiries about our officers uniforms almost every day from people who are concerned about getting "officer quality" material (something they read in a book). This always brings us a chuckle, because officers' and enlisted men's field blouses were all made of felted wool ( in several weaves, but always felted). No difference at all. Even visor caps and old style field caps that were intended for field use were made of the same material due to its weather resistant qualities (North Central Europe tends to be cool and damp). Officers' uniforms intended for office wear and semi-dress uniforms, or even duty uniforms for around the kaserne are a totally different topic. Those can be found made of everything; doeskin, gabardine, whipcord, you name it. In many cases, these ended up being used in the field, but this is also true of converted waffenrocks. It was something never really intended. Currently, we only make the field uniform in the felted wool.

It was also common for combat officers of all ranks right up to general to convert issue enlisted field blouses. These conversions ranged from merely badging up an issue M43, as in the case of Mantueffel, all the way up to extensive retailoring with the addition of pointed collar, french cuffs, shortened skirt, and dagger hanger slit. We do this conversion frequently. For details and photos, click here.

Insignia Options

Dagger strap (armpit to pocket flap slit):$35

Collar tabs

Officer: $35
General: $35
Field Marshall: $35

Breast eagle (bullion silver wire):$18

Six button front: No charge

Insignia Options

Shoulder boards (button on)

2nd Lt to Captain: $35-$43
Major to Colonel: $42-$50
All Generals: $50-$62
Field Marshall: $65

Special screw back buttons: $18 a pair

Shoulder boards (sewn-in)

2nd Lt to Captain: $65-$73
Major to Colonel: $70-$78
All Generals: $80-92
Field Marshall: $95