Army SP Gun Trousers (Panzerhosen)

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Price: $250

Shipping in Continental US: $9

On May 29, 1940, the field-gray version of the black, Panzer uniform was introduced to the Army's self-propelled gun crews. It was identical in cut and construction to its black cousin. This was ammended to encompass all members of assault gun units on June 26, 1942. Self-propelled gun crews, armored artillery crews, and crews of armoured trains were authorized to wear this uniform later on.

The Lost Battalions Army Self-Propelled Gun Panzerhosen have all the details of the original. It is exactly reproduced in field-gray wool from the original pattern taken from original trousers that we borrowed. These are the premier reproduction Panzer trousers on the market today. With keyhole buttonholes made on period wartime original Reece buttonhole machines, as used by the Germans, and the characteristic three stitches per centimeter, even the sewing details of our Panzer trousers will pass the closest inspection of the most discriminating enthusiast.

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