Army Panzer Trousers (Panzerhosen)

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

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The famous black Panzer uniform (Sonderbekleidung der Deutschen Panzertruppen) was introduced to the Army in 1934. Heinz Guderian, Inspector of Panzer Troops, had been thinking about what to do for a new uniform that would be unique to armored crewmen of his new Panzer arm when he went on a ski trip and saw a new style of short jacket for Alpine skiing that had a double breasted closure, but almost no visible buttons for modern, streamlined look. The jacket could be worn open with a turtle neck sweater or closed all  the way up. Guderian quickly adopted the jacket, along with the ski trousers that went with it, as his new Panzer uniform. In black wool, it was reminiscent of the Napoleanic-era Braunschweig Hussars with their black jackets and silver death's head insignia. Black also had the added advantage of not showing grease and oil quite so badly.

The Lost Battalions Army Panzerhosen have all the details of the original. It is exactly reproduced in black wool from the original pattern taken from original trousers that we borrowed. These are the premier reproduction Panzer trousers on the market today. With keyhole buttonholes made on period wartime original Reece buttonhole machines, as used by the Germans, and the characteristic three stitches per centimeter, even the sewing details of our Panzer trousers will pass the closest inspection of the most discriminating enthusiast.

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