M36 Tunic

Army M40 Tropical Field Blouse (Feldbluse)
This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas

Price: $375 (Includes breast eagle and collar tabs)

Shipping in Continental US: $15

Please read here about the proper fit of the jacket.

This famous open-collared field blouse was developed in 1940 in anticipation of deployment of German forces to North Africa under Rommel. This jacket has four pleated patch pockets with scalloped flaps. It also has a five-button front and no provision whatsoever for closing the collar. All the buttons were the standard 19mm pebbled type and have the removeable "S" toggles found on all German "cotton" uniform jackets of the period. Inside, the jacket has a partial lining and a field dressing pocket located in the lower right front of the jacket skirt. The back of the jacket has the usual center vent and central seam. Belt hook hangers are on each side under the arm and the jacket has three eyelets on each side to accomodate belt hooks.

The Lost Battalions tropical jacket is a completely faithful reproduction of the original right down to the removeable buttons and lives up to our reputation for making the very best reproduction German uniforms.

A word about our fabric.
Because there was such a wide color spectrum used in the original uniforms, we make these uniforms in various shades of olive and sometimes we vary the weight of the twill. We've gotten positive and negative feedback from different customers on the very same pieces, saying the color does or does not match with an original item they have in their collection. It's impossible for us to make and stock every known shade of Army tropical olive and we cannot guarantee shade choices.